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New stainless steel cabinets in the most diverse versions

We have adapted the new stainless steel cabinets to the requirements of our customers. The base is the requested height of 500 mm. The cabinet also has a height of 500 mm. This results in a total height of 1 m, which is not too small and not too large; it is just right. We can produce a smaller or larger base, according to the local requirements or the wishes of our customers.

The lighting can be controlled via a photoelectric switch, which switches the two stainless steel lights on in twilight / darkness and switches them off when it is light again.
This twilight switch can be regulated in the cabinet via a potentiometer, and you can adjust when it should switch on and off. The 230 V LED Extra low power has 90 lm and only uses 1.2 Watts. (This is comparable to a normal 35 Watt lamp) and as there are two of them, they offer very pleasant lighting along the campsite path or as site lighting and at jetties or yacht harbours. (warm white)

On the left-hand side, there is a ½“ adapter for a water connection. This can also be fitted to the right-hand side or to both sides. The large “access hatch” allows easy and comfortable fitting of the base to the jetty or to your foundation. If you already have a foundation in place, we can modify the base in such a way that you don’t have to change anything at the foundation. Last but not least, the access hatch is useful for fitting the base, connecting the water pipe and, most importantly, the infeed is led into the cabinet though a cable gland. The cabinet is completely closed. We fit cable glands in several dimensions and numbers (depending on requirement). Thus the distribution cabinet is protected against pests and crawling animals. (On request, we can also send you other pictures of this)